I have been putting this post off for quite some time, there comes a point where one must make a decision.  I have decided to use my free time to work on projects that I have always wanted to do, that always get put off (yeah you know the kind), oh and maybe go to the gym more.  It doesn't mean I will not be blogging anymore, I am just taking a step back to make more time for me- doesn't seem like a bad idea right?  So see you on the flip-side my friends.



Top Hat  //  Bottom Hat

After spying this stunning leopard baseball cap on Alicia of Cheetah is the New Black I found myself completely head over heels with the whole baseball cap trend.  After doing some clicking around, I came to find the burgundy/ox blood/ garnet (whatever you want to call it) version with some amazing bedazzling.  I am not really into weekend crafts, however I am thinking I will have to make this beauty happen in these upcoming weeks.  In the case you are really not into the whole DIY thing, you may get either hat here at J.Crew.

On that note, let Fall begin!



Dress: Thrifted  //  Bag: Coach  //  Sunglasses: Aldo  //  Necklace: Bauble Bar  //  Watch: Lacoste  //  Shoes: Necessary Clothing, similar style here

Ok, got to go- watching James Franco's Roast.